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Skipstone for Sales

With Skipstone brands can educate and engage consumers on their product or service like never before. Consumers ask a question and the brand delivers an accurate, detailed and relevant answer, 24-7.

  • Guide the customer journey
  • Measure brand engagement
  • Gain insights on product/brand performance
  • Be aware of new market trends
  • Build brand loyalty and increase sales

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Skipstone for Customer Service

Customer Support can be a daunting task for many brands and a frustrating experience for consumers.

Skipstone can offer a solution to this challenge by providing consumers with the brands best Customer Service Rep – available 247. With helpful, accurate and real time support.

Skipstone Customer Support takes the brands most frequently asked questions and serves up the answers to consumers when they need them most.

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Skipstone News

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Press Releases

3 days ago

Rapport Innovative Marketing uses Skipstone. Play the video below and ask it a question. It will answer. https://t.co/MsEf9Fjako

6 days ago

Skipstone's new interactive video player is fully functional on Twitter! Ask it questions now. #technology #video https://t.co/YgTKdCTOpo

9 days ago

Meet another valuable member of the Skipstone team! https://t.co/kFcx6PTgt5 https://t.co/q5VCj92FOG

12 days ago

This is the view from the desk of our Creative Director, @DesignerHarris . He may need anger management class. ;) https://t.co/sZuV28e8uE

12 days ago

RT @VtrepMag: The Perfect Video Does Not Exist. Get Over It and Get Sh*t Done! https://t.co/a0RiOvB89V #filmmaking #entrepreneur

13 days ago

We LOVE Mondays because it means we get to spend another week doing that thing we do. https://t.co/kFcx6PBFBx https://t.co/JDqVvrQzZN

19 days ago

Have questions about Skipstone? Ask the video on our home page. (it talks back) https://t.co/kFcx6PBFBx #technology https://t.co/mDerSljtor

25 days ago

The word is getting out! #videomarketing #videoproduction #technology https://t.co/W73bpOWAKq

a month ago

Its time to meet another member of the Skipstone team! https://t.co/I5YMiPwWeJ #videomarketing #technology #gettoit https://t.co/UTRmsgeDQp

a month ago

"Woah! That's awesome!" said almost every person who saw the Skipstone demo. https://t.co/I5YMiPwWeJ #videomarketing https://t.co/AAy12iozry

a month ago

RT @angedevine: Don't create videos just to create videos! Make sure you have a content strategy. #DSATL16

a month ago

Its almost time! Skipstone's Katherine Mills! #DSATL16 https://t.co/0nvBKk5Rmh

a month ago

RT @mkingsle: "Smart companies don't follow trends. They lead them." -@annhandley #DSATL16

a month ago

RT @GumboShowJoe: At #DSATL16, @MarketingProfs says DON'T do this... https://t.co/UungTTLHO7

a month ago

RT @zacktatum: "The biggest missed opportunity in content is playing it too safe" @annhandley #contentmarketing #DSATL16 https://t.co/hvz3E…

a month ago

Steve the Yelp reviewer is not the guy you want to get word out. Brands need to control their message. Skipstone helps with that! #DSATL16

a month ago

Don't miss Kat Mills at Adestra Stage 3 at 4:30. Bridging the Gaps Between Consumers and Brands. #DSATL16 https://t.co/MTbRnTFWdu

a month ago

RT @kelleybrandcomm: "People need to interact with your brand 7-10 before they really consider making a purchase" - @jackieyeaney #DSATL16

a month ago

RT @McStew: "Consumers will engage when it's contextually relevant " #DSATL16

a month ago

RT @Kat_Katalinich: 64% of people say the Customer Experience is more important than the price. #DSATL16 #customerexperience

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